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1937228_1083767631648077_2158365089207277512_nGrowing up in Richard Allen Projects the stoop was where you could always find the old heads sitting and relaxing gossiping or talking about sports to current events, from world news to neighborhood news everything was up for debate. Everyone knew everyone, neighbors were neighbors, and people were just…..people; living in a world that had everyone boxed in and the only way to survive was to work and live together to coexists.

All the memories of eating crabs from the crab man, ice cream from the ice cream man, or candy from Mrs. Penny’s the neighborhood penny candy store; I remember Mr. Skinny’s and the local Chinese store where I got egged on mischief night called FOO-DA we spent many of summer nights playing out front while the old heads were on the stoop clamoring together while keeping a eye on us. You can learn a lot from just sitting on the stoop listening to the stories of past and current times, getting advise when needed, learning new things that will help you, or serving that suspension because you did something wrong…..Lol!

So welcome to The Stoop Urban Life where thoughts and ideas we can share.

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