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Hate Crime Charge Possible – In The Facebook Live Attack of a 18 year old mentally disabled man.


Wednesday - January 4, 2017

Chicago Police arrested 4 people (2 young men and 2 young women) in the assault of a mentally disabled 18-year-old man that was recorded live on Facebook. The 18-year-old mentally disabled man was found wandering around the 3400 block of West Lexington Street in the Chicago Homan Square neighborhood.

Per police the 18-year-old mentally disabled man was reported missing from Crystal Lake a suburb outside of Chicago the report states that the victim was driven and dropped off at a McDonald’s in Streamwood by his parents. Sometime later the parents stated that they were getting text messages from someone claiming to be holding their son captive.

The 30-minute video that went viral but was later take down by Facebook shows the 2 young men and 2 young women verbally and physically assaulting the 18-year-old mentally disabled man cutting a plot of hair off his head with a knife, pushing his head into the wall with their feet all the while screaming “Fuck Trump” and “Fuck White people.”

Eddie Johnson a 28-year vet and superintendent of the Chicago Police Department stated “We are still determining the charges” and that the Hate Crime charge is possible, what they are wrestling with is determining if the 4 assailants were just being stupid and just ranting and raving.  Superintendent Johnson went on to say “It’s sickening, it makes you wonder what would make individuals treat someone like that. I’ve been a cop for 28 years and I’ve seen things that you shouldn’t see it still amazes me how you still see things that you shouldn’t see.”

The more and more I read and hear of this crime one question keeps popping up in my mind and I can’t figure it out “Why in the hell would the parents of a Mentally disabled person not only drive but drop off and leave their son at a McDonald’s in another county?”

We all can pretty much agree that is was a heinous act committed by these 4 dumbasses, can someone explain to me why would someone post a criminal act live on the internet? possibly to get likes to boost their page; that could be quite possible….and what kind of asshole picks on a mentally disabled person? A loser and scumbag with no hope for the future. They should get what’s coming to them not only for the crime but for being plain dumbasses.

What I also don’t get is why scream “Fuck Trump” and “Fuck White people”, wasn’t Trump the one during his campaign mocking mentally disabled people? So I bet a stack he doesn’t give a fuck about that mentally disabled man he probably hash tagged #sweet, #4forthepriceof1. These are the types of people we can do without they are not helping they are hurting us putting us in a bad light making us look like savages.

These 4 should go down without a doubt but I feel that we really need to look at the parents as well because the man is mentally disabled which possibly means he has the mind of a child and will need his parents to take care of him until he passes the parents should at least should be investigated as well cause I’m pretty sure that if it were people that he really knew this wouldn’t have happen.

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