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Philly’s Soda Tax Now In Effect 

Not even a week into 2017 and this year is already hitting our pockets hard. The Philadelphia's new beverage tax took effect on Sunday at the distribution level and it looks like most retailers are passing the added cost down to "us" the consumer. According to - "Different retailers have different policies. Acme is adding the Full cost of the tax 1.5 cents per ounce to the retail price. So a 20 ounce soda that was $1.88 on Saturday is now up 30 cents to $2.18."

All money generated from the tax will help fund the Mayor’s pre-k program. The tax is only on the distribution level not the individual sales level and for this reason the tax isn’t considered sales tax so companies like Coca Cola and Pepsi DON’T have to pass the added cost down to the consumer.

But we all know shit rolls downhill and the big businesses love to stick us with all the shit.

I guess it’s time to cut down on the soda intake unless you have children going into pre-k and you want them to have a better chance at a better education then by all means Drink Up!
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